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Latest News: Cryptographers have discovered a way to break the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), used to protect everything from top-secret government documents to online banking transactions.

Premium IT Support & Services

Based in Teesside in the North East of England, Sotheby IT Services offers competitive IT Support Contracts and On Demand IT Support for small to medium sized businesses throughout the North East.

Where possible we will provide phone based and remote IT Support. If your issues can not be resolved remotely we will come to you and resolve your IT problems in a friendly professional manor. There is no call out fee for contract support customers.

Featured Service: Backup Server

Backup Solutions

There are many situations that result in a loss of data. Theft, fire, flood, hackers or even accidental deletion can cause a loss of data and a lack of business continuity. Sotheby IT Services can help you prepare. With on-site and off-site backup solutions. The backups will be automatic, secure and tested regularly. Whether its workstations or servers we can help you plan to minimise any disruption and keep your organisation safe.
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Featured Service: Web Design

Web Design

What's your online presence? Having an online presence, whether it's a web site to allow potential customers to get in contact with you, or an ecommerce site to sell your products and services to a wider market, Sotheby IT Services can help you every step of the way. We will take all the responsibility for the technical side of things allowing you to do what you do best, Run your business!

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Server SolutionsSmall Business Servers
Have you ever wondered what a server could do for your business? Servers can do a multitude of things to help your organisations productivity. Servers can improve security, enforce company policies, share data and equipment between computers, manage customer details and more. The possibilities are almost endless. Sotheby IT Services will assess your company's needs with you and manage the entire project from start to finish. Call 01642 671766 to discuss your requirements or arrange a no obligation visit today.

IT SupportIT Support
Having problems with your IT equipment? We offer on demand Business IT Support and IT Support on a contractual basis.
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IT Consulting ServiceConsulting & Project Management
If you are embarking on a new project it's easy to run over budget or over schedule. We offer an impartial service to help you get the most from your projects. Sotheby IT has a vast range of experience from Networking security to ecommerce consulting and everything in between. Request a call back.